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Why City Structural?

Fast, Cost-effective, and Innovative

Structural Engineering services for your

Residential Construction project.


  • Fast.  Receive your design in just 2 weeks, then sail through permitting with prompt approval of your high-quality submission.  Save months of time without drawn-out back-and-forth with the building department.  Streamline delivery with City Structural so your project can move forward on schedule.

Residential new construction project completed building photo San Francisco structural eng
  • Cost-effective.  Optimize your finances with cost-effective design.  Your design is the blueprint for your project and expenses.  To save big, it's best to optimize your project scope during the design phase.  Engineers often over-design on the side of caution, while contractors may recommend a broader scope to boost their earnings.  While you're welcome to pursue an expansive project, it's not necessary.  Building codes already ensure safety and compliance.  Empower yourself to make the best decisions for your family, your building, and your budget.  We'll guide you through your project options, offer insight, explore financial implications, and collaborate with your priorities and constraints so you can optimize your design and unlock substantial savings during construction.

  • Innovative.  Incorporate every key detail and nuance of the building-industry forefront into your project with our integrated, template-based workflow.  Meticulously crafted and fine-tuned over years of professional experience, our workflow ensures your project is designed, presented, and executed with impeccable completeness and clarity.  Say goodbye to inefficiencies.  Leverage the state-of-the-art with our tech-savvy team and seamless delivery.

Work with us and you'll also benefit from:

  • Network.  Enlist a top-tier network with City Structural.  We have strong connections and seamless working relationships with the best specialists, including excellent contractors who offer the most cost-effective pricing.  Work with us and our elite network becomes yours. 

  • Experience.  Navigate your project timeline with confidence.  We'll steer you clear of issues and smoothly handle any challenges that may arise.  Put your project in expert hands, backed by a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success.

  • Depth & Breadth.  Elevate your project quality and outcomes with our holistic understanding of property development.  Beyond structural-engineering expertise, we offer insights into real estate, architecture, design, requirements, permitting, construction, and other facets of the building process.  Choose us and benefit from broader perspective.

  • Management & Leadership.  Execute efficiently with our agile and coordinated approach to working with designers, builders, and clients.  We know when to lead, and when to support.  Our team-centric approach minimizes stress and maximizes success.

  • Relationship.  Secure an engineer for your long-term team.  Beyond this project, you can reach out anytime with questions about new properties and developments you're considering.  Meanwhile, stay connected through our newsletter.  We're here to support you, today and in the future.


Soft-Story Retrofit

Own a multi-unit residential building? 

We have you covered! 

Our online resources outline everything you should know about soft-story retrofit and ADU construction. 

Reach out for your complimentary briefing, construction cost estimate, and engineering proposal specific to your building and project.

Multi-unit residential building soft-story retrofit San Francisco victorian structure stru

Residential Renovation

Excited to build your dream home?

We are too!

Perhaps you'd like to ..

Open your interior space?

Redo the kitchen?  Add an island?  Add storage?

Open the interior to the backyard?  Add a deck?

Have a seamless, indoor-outdoor experience?
Reconfigure your floor plan?  

Reclaim space to add a bath, half-bath, or bedroom?

Build a new master suite?  Build an addition?

Build into the crawl space?

Add a garage?  Open up the garage?
Improve your closet spaces?

Add windows?  Add skylights?

We love buildings and design, and we're passionate about the process.

Let's do your project right, with premium yet cost-effective design and construction.


City Structural, Inc.

Principal Engineer

Mike Abell, P.E.


Professional Civil Engineer



M.S. Structural Engineering

UC Davis  (2009)

B.S. Structural Engineering

UC San Diego  (2005)

Mike Abell Professional Civil Engineer headshot photo Principal City Structural Inc.jpg

Professional Association

Structural Engineers Association of Northern California  ( SEAONC )

SEAONC Existing Buildings Committee  ( EBC )

Structural Engineers Association of California  ( SEAOC )

American Wood Council  ( AWC )

American Concrete Institute  ( ACI )

American Institute of Architects  ( AIA )

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