• Mike Abell, Professional Civil Engineer

Our offer for soft-story retrofit

If you're a property owner who needs a soft-story retrofit, you might be feeling overwhelmed.

This is quite an undertaking.

You need to:

- Strengthen your building.

- Meet city requirements.

- Budget for a big financial expense.

We understand you have a lot to deal with.

Where do you even begin?

You must be concerned with:

- The total project cost.

- Coordinating the whole process.

- Getting a good design that's cost effective.

- Getting the best construction quotes for that design.

This is a lot to manage.

How do you take care of all this, while getting the best outcomes at the best price?

The good news is that you don't have to, because ...

We'll take care of it for you.

We'll coordinate design, permitting, and construction, all at the lowest cost for each project phase.

Our offer is that we'll provide you with:

01) An accurate initial estimate for total project cost.

02) Cost-effective engineering service.

03) Cost-effective retrofit design.

04) Low construction quotes from excellent contractors.

We'll do all of this while keeping our total engineering fee low.

"How is this possible?"

We perfected our project delivery during San Francisco's mandatory soft-story retrofit program.

Now we tailor our workflow to your project and concerns:

- We build great design templates.

- We automate process and coordination.

- We team up with contractors to get you the lowest construction quotes.

We do all this to ensure that you have:

- Peace of mind.

- Huge savings of time and money.

- Confidence that you're getting the best design and construction for the lowest cost.

Here is our offer in more detail.

01) Accurate initial estimate for total project cost

We will:

- Meet with you for a free consultation.

- Take some photos and measurements.

- Sketch out a preliminary retrofit scope.

- Use our algorithm to calculate an accurate initial estimate.

"What's this algorithm?"

We built an application from previous project data and construction quotes to provide you with an accurate initial estimate for total project cost.

While other engineers make you wait until their design is complete, we get you these numbers up front so you can plan your finances and have peace of mind knowing you're under budget.

02) Cost-effective engineering service

We're a small, agile, tech-savvy team who values efficiency with low overhead. Our workflow is template-based so we can optimize project delivery and coordination.

This generates savings that we pass on to you while we add value to each project phase.

"Your cost is low, but is your work good?"


We love what we do. This motivates us to perfect our process and each project.

We're active with professional associations, we engage in continuing education, and we discuss the nuance of our projects and profession with personal acquaintances who are industry experts.

Our work is low cost yet reflects industry forefront.

03) Cost-effective retrofit design

We also value design economy and optimization.

We minimize your construction cost while providing reliable, state-of-the-art design.

Other specialists over-engineer and burden you with unnecessary expenses. We have techniques that achieve code compliance with much less cost. For example, we specify no moment frames or new foundation footings unless they are absolutely necessary. Instead, we find strategic ways to retrofit your building using only wood-frame shear walls installed into the existing foundation.

"Are you sure this will work?"


We've worked with all building departments to get all kinds of projects approved.

We can do the same for you.

04) Low construction quotes from excellent contractors

We have a network of the best contractors who price cost-effectively.

Once your design is complete, we will:

- Collect construction quotes for you.

- Hand your project off to a recommended contractor.

- Provide inspection during construction.

- Make sure everything is done well and according to plan.

We'll also show you that our initial estimate was accurate.

We've done over 40 soft-story retrofit projects and we're happy to help with yours too.

We'll help you:

- Protect your asset and cash flow.

- Meet building code and comply with the ordinance.

- Remove your building from the soft-story list.

You'll also save future expenses in that:

- Your building won't collapse during the next major earthquake.

- Damage will be substantially reduced or eliminated.

- You won't need earthquake insurance.

You'll have confidence and peace of mind knowing that you have the best specialists, best product, and best price.

You can relax and go about your life, knowing that everything is taken care of.

Planning a Soft-Story Retrofit?

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