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Design Engineer to assist soft-story retrofit and residential renovation

City Structural, Inc. is hiring for the position of Design Engineer. Come join our innovative design team and practice structural engineering in the San Francisco Bay Area. Create structural drawings for seismic retrofit and residential renovation projects. Live and work in the beautiful Burlingame area. Enjoy remote work on your own terms, and team collaboration at our premium office location. Achieve personal and financial success as you grow professionally within our dynamic organization.


Design Engineer to serve wood-frame residential building projects:

- seismic retrofit of multi-unit buildings

- renovation of single-family homes

- renovation of individual units within multi-unit buildings

Assist with additional roles and responsibilities:

- site visits to buildings

- building permits

- construction administration

- development of your own training manual

- video content for YouTube

- photos for Instagram

- written content for website articles

- brand building and marketing

- research and development

- networking and hosting events

What's in it for you?

Join our tribe and receive:


- Income. A competitive salary.

- Investment. A self-directed 401(k) that maximizes capital gain.


- Development. Build skills and experience across your strengths and interests.

- Satisfaction. Collaborate and create with a team of design specialists and makers.

- Achievement. What does success look like to you? You'll have that.


- Lifestyle. Live and work in the beautiful Burlingame area.

- New Equipment. MacBook Pro for professional and personal use.

- Exercise Stipend. Monthly allowance for your choice of exercise.

Hiring Criteria

- Bachelors or Masters in structural, civil, or architectural engineering.

Start Date

- 08-01-2022 or 09-01-2022

To Apply

Submit the following to:

- Cover letter

- Resume

- LinkedIn handle

- Handwriting, math, diagram sample

(1-3 sheets of 8-1/2" x 11")

We look forward to hearing from you!


City Structural, Inc. was founded in 2014 to serve the seismic retrofit of multi-unit residential buildings in San Francisco. After extending our services to renovation and new construction throughout the Bay Area, we've again contracted our practice to focus on the Oakland seismic retrofit market. Oakland's mandatory retrofit program is underway, so we'll have strong demand coming into their 02-21-2023 deadline for approval of building permits (for which engineering is required). This is the perfect opportunity to integrate our first employee into professional practice. Once you're familiar with the fundamentals of seismic design, we can broaden services to the renovation of single-family homes on the San Francisco Peninsula. These are more structurally daring projects that alter existing buildings to raise property valuation and quality of life for inhabitants.

We enrich the aesthetic and functionality of built environment to enhance the lives of others.

We design, we create, and we build.

City Culture

Our values include:

Organization. Structural Engineering is first and foremost an organizational challenge. Our design workflow is an encyclopedic aggregation of building standards, best practices, design options, and building products, built in templates with overarching conventions for typography, annotation, and layout. We leverage this system to optimize our efficiency at the industry forefront. This necessitates a methodical rigor that we extend beyond our design process and into our culture and operation through research and adoption of the foremost business frameworks.

Focus. There are 168 hours in a week. The 40 that we spend engaged as City Structural, Inc. are focused, deliberate sessions in which we work with intelligence and effort. We begin workdays with uninterrupted, distraction-less blocks of time during which we efficiently complete our predetermined tasks. We then meet to collaborate, create, and deliver the best products and services to our target markets. We curate our work environments and work arrangements to preserve our focus and honor our time.

Resourcefulness. Together we research and develop our culture and operations. We're in a perpetual state of building throughout our organization. There's no set way to do anything because we invent as we go. We create new things and new ways of doing things that don't exist, so there's no market, no competition, and no instructions to follow. Each of us is extremely resourceful, which lets us execute at the highest level as a team.

Communication. We work together in a meritocracy of thought where each team member's input and opinion is valued. Together we present and debate the data and ideas. Together we decide on our best course of action. And together we implement our decision with conviction and resolve. Rigorous and thoughtful inquiry promotes meaningful work, meaningful relationships, and the satisfaction of being our authentic selves.

Exploration. Our north star is our spirit of curiosity toward the landscape of innovation, technology, and business. This guides our efforts as we traverse long time horizons. We explore what's out there, and we build around what works for us.

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