• Mike Abell, Professional Civil Engineer

Design Engineer to assist high-end residential projects

Join City Structural to help build and implement our world-class, template-based, structural engineering workflow. Draw structural plans for residential retrofitting, renovation, and new construction projects in a high-performing yet flexible work environment where we tailor and optimize our routines and responsibilities around our unique strengths and interests. Live a high-quality lifestyle in the beautiful Burlingame-San Mateo area, work remotely at home or in coffee shops each morning, then collaborate each afternoon at shared workspaces with our innovative, tech-savvy team. Achieve personal and financial success as you grow professionally within our ambitious organization.


City Structural was founded in 2014 to serve the seismic retrofitting of multi-unit residential buildings in San Francisco. Finding success in this market, we extended our services to renovation and new construction throughout the Bay Area. We consolidate building standards and best practices into detailed systems that we leverage to optimize our efficiency at the industry's forefront. We will continue to develop our innovative applications as we broaden our business into property development, architectural manufacturing, and related fields. Our mission is to enrich the aesthetics and functionality of the built environment and thereby enhance the lives of others. We design, create, and build.


As the first employee hired into City Structural, you will report directly to the principal engineer and primarily design structural plans for residential construction projects using the SketchUp Pro and LayOut software, with which no previous experience is necessary. You will work remotely at your discretion each morning and then meet with the team each afternoon to review, learn, and coordinate tasks for the next day. You will be entrusted with composing our training manual through the documentation of your onboarding process. Opportunities are available for further contributions through the responsibilities associated with construction administration, marketing, and brand building.


City Structural augments individual contributions and group achievements through each team member's commitment to the following values:

Organization. The compilation and implementation of our workflow is, first and foremost, an organizational challenge. Our template-based system is a methodical, encyclopedic consolidation of industry standards, best practices, and structural design options for wood-frame construction, built from first principles with overarching conventions for typography, annotation, and layout. Our other business operations are equally systematic and rigorous, necessitating a passion for organization from each of our team members.

Focus. There are 168 hours in a week, and the 40 that we spend engaged at City Structural are focused, deliberate sessions in which we work with vision, intelligence, and effort. To begin each workday, we perform 4-6 hours of deep work in uninterrupted, distraction-less blocks of time to efficiently complete our predetermined tasks. Each afternoon, we meet in accordance with proven formats for effective collaboration. We curate our work arrangements and environments accordingly, we leave our phones on Do Not Disturb during the workday, we minimize non-work-related discussion, and we respect our teammates' time by preserving their focus.

Resourcefulness. Team members will be given disparate research and development tasks that require high-level thought, resourcefulness, and pragmatic execution. The resourcefulness of each team member is key to our success.

Communication. City Structural implements a meritocracy of ideas in which team members exhibit radical truth and transparency during open and honest dialogue so that we can implement the best ideas. This rigorous and thoughtful inquiry promotes meaningful work, meaningful relationships, and the freedom to be our genuine selves.

Positivity. Negativity and complaining are not congruent with our culture and values. Each team member is expected to maintain a positive outlook and be a pleasure to be around while at the workplace.

Ambition. City Structural is a team of rockstars committed to lifelong learning and personal development. By adopting high-achieving habits and mental frameworks, each team member can achieve their vision of success, build wealth, and live their best life.

Value Proposition

City Structural offers the following benefits:


  • Income. A competitive salary.

  • Investment. A self-directed 401(k) that maximizes appreciation.


  • Licensing. Support during your study for professional licensure.

  • Development. Opportunity to build skills around your strengths, both deeply within specialties and broadly across structural engineering, architectural manufacturing, and property development.

  • Achievement. Success with a high-performing team.


  • Lifestyle. Live and work in the beautiful Burlingame-San Mateo area.

  • New Equipment. A new MacBook Pro laptop, monitor, and office equipment for your professional and personal use.

  • Exercise Stipend. A monthly allowance for your choice of exercise.

  • Beverage Stipend. A company credit card with a daily allowance for drinks of your choice when working remotely at other places of business.

Hiring Criteria

City Structural welcomes applications from individuals who meet our criteria:

  • Have a recent Bachelor's or Master's degree from a four-year structural, civil, or architectural engineering program (structural preferred).

  • Meet the expectations previously listed.

To Apply

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile address to office@citystructural.com. Candidates who meet our hiring criteria may be asked to complete a questionnaire for further evaluation. Those who meet our expectations may be invited for an interview in a casual setting in the Burlingame-San Mateo area.